I have always loved textiles, texture and all forms of fiber. Anyone that follows me knows of my gigantic string obsession!

After cyber-stalking vintage woven wall hangings (and collecting a few) I discovered this ancient craft had been embraced by a new generation. Completely inspired, I jumped head first into learning and soaking up as much information as I could find on the various forms of weaving. After years of knitting and sewing, I fell in love with weaving and its creative process and being able to put my modern take on it, what I also love about weaving is there are no rules, if you can think it, you can do it, or at least there are ways to figure out how to!

I am constantly on the search for as much local and unique fibers to incorporate into my weaving... this, for me, is part of the fun process.

Recycling and re-purposing fabric and other fibers is also an important part of my process, along with having a heavy vintage yarn arsenal in my fiber stash.  I am also lucky enough to have at my disposal some pretty amazing yarn stores in NYC, along which I also source as much local fiber, as possible, from the small batch hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns available in the Catskills and surrounding areas.  Part of the fun process for me is collecting as many unique and one of a kind material to work with, I like to let the fibers speak for themselves and dictate where and how they will be used in each piece.  I recently started hand twisting my own rope, made from vintage denim jeans I have been collecting, this is then woven in and gives a wonderful extra dimensional texture to the work.

A native New Zealander, I split my time between NYC and Upstate NY in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Everything here is woven by me, primarily in the mountains and sourced with as much local material I can find.

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